Why You Need a Protection Plan for Your Business’ Reputation

Nov 12

As a business, your reputation is your most valuable asset. It tells your customers and clients that you are trustworthy and capable of handling their business. And when your reputation is damaged by either a disgruntled employee, an angry client, or an internet troll, you will need to act to protect your reputation as quickly as possible.

But many businesses do not have a reputation protection plan in place if a crisis occurs. And without such a plan to guide you, you could cause further damage to your reputation. Not only is it essential to have a plan in place, but to have an attorney to protect you from further harm.

Keep an Eye on What is Being Said About the Company

You not only want happy clients and customers to provide positive reviews online, but you also need to keep an eye on any negative reviews. If an unhappy client leaves a negative review on an online review directory, such as Google or Yelp, you should take the time to reach out to that individual and see how you can solve the issue. If a solution can be reached, the customer may change his/her review.

The same can be said about your social media profiles. Internet trolls love to criticize public figures and corporations on Facebook and Twitter. What may seem like a hateful speech could easily damage your reputation with a potential client. You must monitor all online and offline media to prevent causing a negative image of your company to clients or customers.

Have a Crisis Communication Plan Ready

Even with tracking every mention of your business, you cannot stop what isn’t unknown. However, having a crisis communication plan prepared for times of emergency can help protect your reputation. This plan gives you the process of what your company representative will say, when and where to say it, and who that person should be. The plan provides clear instructions on the next steps and what every employee should do or do not do during this time.

For example, if one of your employees has been spreading rumors about discriminatory practices, you will need to take action to prevent these rumors for damaging your reputation. You may want to release a press release, making efforts to prevent discrimination in the company, and have statements available that explains how the company is handling the situation.

Take the Time to Think Before Proceeding

A knee jerk reaction about a negative comment can come back to haunt you in the end. You need to think about your response before responding to someone’s review or comments. If, for example, your management team tries to shut down the discrimination rumors before taking the time to address the situation, your business may be facing a more significant problem than before.

Take the time to think about an appropriate response to any negative comments. You want to make sure that no only will your answer can assist in solving the issue, but adequately aligns with your brand and your company’s image.

When Businesses Fight

Sometimes the negative comments are not coming from your clients but a competitor. When another business slanders your organization, this can not only damage your reputation but could be a legal matter. Under libel law, you could pursue civil action against that company.

However, you must remember that if the statement is true, even if it is negative, you cannot bring legal action. It’s best to speak with an experienced reputation protection attorney to see what further options are available to prevent negative comments from damaging your reputation.

Contact Reputation Management Attorney Kerrie Campbell Today

Your reputation is everything, and you need to protect it. Although being prepared is the best option for your business, you need a capable business reputation management attorney to protect you from any problems that have or will arise. At KCampbell-Law, PLLC, Attorney Kerrie Campbell has had decades of experience protecting businesses from slander, liable, and defamation. Attorney Campbell will work with the businesses’ leadership to identify any issues and correct them. She will also stand for you in court to make sure the person or institution spreading the disinformation is punished.

If you are a business in need of reputation management and protection, do not delay. Contact KCampbell-Law, PLLC today, and learn your legal options.

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